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Privacy Policy of Roivenue s.r.o.

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The Privacy Policy described below applies to all activities of processing personal data carried out by Roivenue s.r.o., Company Registration No. 068 12 279, registered office at Na Zderaze 1275/15, Nové Město, 120 00 Prague 2, a company entered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File 289445, regardless of whether personal data is provided and processed via the www.roivenue.com website, in the registered office or in branches of Roivenue s.r.o., or during any other activities performed by employees of Roivenue s.r.o. or other persons representing Roivenue s.r.o. in its business and administrative activities, to the extent such data is usable for a particular activity.

Roivenue s.r.o. is a data controller within the meaning of Act No. 101/2000 Sb., the Personal Data Protection Act (“the Act”) and within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (“the Regulation”), and is obliged to handle the personal data in compliance with the Act and Regulation. In case of any questions, requests and other issues concerning the personal data and processing thereof, you can use any of the following contact details:

Mailing address: Na Zderaze 1275/15, Nové Město, 120 00 Prague 2

Phone number: +420 721 881 783

Contact e-mail (data protection officer): dpo@roivenue.com

​Please keep in mind that regardless of whether you buy or request Roivenue s.r.o. services via the website or you just visit it, you must follow the rules below, which define and specify the conditions of the use of the website with respect to the processing of personal data, and the rights and obligations of the data controller and data subjects. Also, please keep in mind that the protection of personal data pursuant to the Act and Regulation, which serve as the basis of these rules, is provided only to natural persons, not legal entities.

1. Personal Data Protection

By filling in a service order,  requesting thereof, submitting an inquiry or subscribing to the newsletter, you provide some of your personal data to Roivenue s.r.o. Also, in using the website, other data available to Roivenue s.r.o. is collected, kept and processed. The type of such data and the way we use them is described in this privacy policy below.

As we inform you at the time you provide the data, by entering the data and by using the website, you give your consent to the processing and collection of your personal data to the specified extent and for the specified purposes, mostly until you express your disagreement with any further processing. It is because we always need to have a legal ground for the processing of your personal data. In subscribing to the newsletter or submitting an inquiry, your consent to the processing of your data is the legal ground; in case of entering the data when ordering a service, the fact that we need such data to enter into a contract and meet obligations resulting therefrom is the legal ground. In some cases, we may process your personal data on the grounds of our legitimate interest, which is mainly the development, promotion and improvement of our business activities.

1.1 What are personal and other data?

Personal data is data provided by you on a voluntary basis when you fill in an order, inquiry, request or subscription to the newsletter. Personal data refers to any and all information which identifies or could identify a particular person. Personal data includes especially, but is not limited to, the name and surname, photograph, date of birth, e-mail address, address of residence or telephone number.

Other data we collect automatically in connection with the use of the website includes the IP address, type of browser, device and operating system used for the access to the website, the time and number of visits to a particular part of the website, information collected by means of cookie files and other similar information. Keep in mind that this data can be collected even without registration and regardless of  whether you shop on the website or not. This data is collected through cookies, which we have informed you about already upon your visit to the website.

1.2 How do we use personal and other data?

By means of personal and other data, we mainly provide you with access to all functions of the website and ensure it can be used as easily as possible. They are also inevitable in the case that you order services from us so that we know with whom we make a contract and can contact you if necessary. We also use the data for communication about the administration of your orders, inquiries, requests, newsletters and for user support. The other data may be used for the improvement of our services, including the use of the analysis of the website users´ behaviour in order to achieve its optimum operation.

The data may be used for business and marketing purposes, i.e. to keep a database of website users and to offer goods and services, for the duration of the legal grounds for this method of processing and using the personal and other data. In some cases, such as the execution of orders, we can do so until you raise an objection; in other cases, we can do so only with the consent you are always asked for, being informed about the purpose, for which you give your consent. Your consent to receive newsletters and electronic mail for the purposes of direct marketing can be withdrawn at any time in the form of an e-mail message sent to our contact e-mail address or by using the link in any newsletter. You can also do so in the case that we do not need your explicit consent to receive newsletters. We will not send you our newsletters despite your disagreement.

1.3 How do we administer and process your personal data?

As you know, Roivenue s.r.o. is a data controller within the meaning of the Act and the Regulation.
We are entitled to authorise a third party as a data processor to process your personal data and other data; we will always have a contract concluded with such a data processor in order to ensure that it will keep and protect your personal data correctly in accordance with the Act and the Regulation. Regardless of whether your personal data is processed by us or by a data processor authorised by us, your personal and other collected data is always protected against misuse.

The personal data will be processed for the necessary period of time required for the performance of a contract and securing the claims resulting therefrom. If they are processed on the basis of subscription to the newsletter or any act other than the subscription to the newsletter or making a service order, the data will be processed until you withdraw your consent or let us know in any other way that you do not want your data to be processed. The personal data will be processed in electronic form by automated means or in printed form by non-automated means.

1.4 To whom we disclose your personal data?

We do not disclose your personal data to any other person. Persons participating in the provision of a service are an exception. Such persons will receive your personal data to a minimum extent required for the provision of the service. If we use your data for marketing purposes, we can disclose them to a person providing such activities to us, but only to the extent which is inevitable for the provided marketing service.

1.5 What are your rights in connection with the personal data?

You have the right of access to your personal data and the right to be informed about their processing (information about the purpose of processing, what information about you we process, information about the sources of such data, information about recipients, if any). Such information as well as the confirmation whether we process any personal data about you will be provided to you upon request without undue delay.

You are also entitled to request the correction of inaccurate personal data or deletion of the personal data and/or to raise an objection to the processing of the personal data. On the basis of your written request, we will remove your personal data from the database. The request for the deletion of personal data should be based on one of the reasons specified in Art. 17(1) of the Regulation. Until we decide about your request for the correction of your personal data or about the deletion thereof, you are entitled to request the limitation of the processing of the relevant data.

If we process the personal data on the basis of your consent, you are entitled to withdraw the consent at any time. If you withdraw your consent, it will not affect the legitimacy of processing prior to the withdrawal of your consent.
If we process your personal data on the basis of our legitimate interest in their processing, you are entitled to raise an objection to such processing and we will not process your data until we prove the serious legitimate reasons for such processing. If direct marketing was our legitimate interest, the objection raised will mean the termination of the processing of personal data for that purpose without notice.

If you think our company or a personal data processor authorised by us processes your personal data contrary to the legal regulations, you may:

  • ask us or the processor for explanation;
  • ask us or the processor to rectify the situation. In particular, you can ask for blocking, rectification, completion or disposal of personal data;
  • file a complaint against such processing to the Office for Personal Data Protection.

In protecting your personal data, we will try to comply with your requirements as much as possible. However, if you are not satisfied with the result, you are entitled to contact competent authorities, especially the Office for Personal Data Protection. This provision does not affect your right to file a complaint to the Office for Personal Data Protection directly.

We can charge a reasonable fee for the provision of information about the processing of personal data, not exceeding the costs incurred by the provision of the information.

The protection of personal data is supervised by the Office for Personal Data Protection (http://www.uoou.cz).

2. Google services, and cookies

The website uses “cookies” for its activities. The website also uses the Google Analytics service and any other services provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Cookies are also used when using additional services. Google Analytics keeps records of the website visitors´ behaviour and enables to analyse it. This helps us improve the website, its user permeability and clear arrangement.
The collected data about the website’s users are anonymous. The service does not collect personal and sensitive data. Google, Inc. may provide such information about users to third persons if it is required by law or if such third persons process the data for Google.

2.1 What are cookies and how do you give your consent to the use thereof?

Information about the website users´ behaviour is collected via cookies. Cookies are text files saved in a computer or any other electronic device of each visitor to the website, which enable to analyse the use of the website.

By using the website, you give your consent to the use of cookies and to the processing of data about you by Google and by our company, in the manner and for the purposes described in detail on the website. You were informed about the use of cookies at your first visit to the web interface.

We use the following cookies on this web:
First-party cookies – are inevitable for ensuring the operation of the website (short-term). We also use long-term cookies for the collection of aggregate anonymous data about the website’s visitors (Google Analytics).
Third-party cookies – cookies of marketing systems, social networks, inserted videos, etc.

2.2 Can you prevent cookies from being stored in your computer?

You can refuse to use cookies by selecting the relevant option in the settings of your internet browser. If you do not wish to be part of Google Analytics statistics, you can use blocking.
Keep in mind that if you refuse to use cookies, you might not be able to fully use all functions of the website.

2.3 How does Google use collected data?

If you want to know how Google uses the data collected through the use of the web interface, click on the following link: How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services.

2.4. Remarketing activities​

For better targeting and personalisation of internet advertising, we use services, such as Sklik by Seznam.cz, AdWords by Google, and others. For you, it means that advertisements ​of products of interest to you in the past, e.g. by visiting our internet pages, will be displayed to you when browsing the internet. On the basis of information from cookies, these services use the findings of your movement on the web for the purposes described above. If you do not wish the information to be used for the aforesaid services, you need to set up your internet browser in the appropriate way (set up your browser to block the storage of your information about the use of the web).

These principles are effective as of 14 June 2018.

Roivenue s.r.o.
operator of the www.roivenue.com website

Company Reg. No. 068 12 279
Registered office at Visionary Building, Plynarni 1617/10, 170 00 Prague 7, Czech Republic​
entered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File 289445

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