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ROIVENUE is an analytics, attribution and optimization suite for ecommerce. It allows marketers to accelerate revenue growth and increase profits through data integration and AI-powered attribution.

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Making advertising budgets work harder

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Beating our own revenue targets

Thanks to Roivenue’s data-driven attribution analysis we were finally able to understand each channel’s true effectiveness. When we reallocated budgets towards the best-performing ones, we immediately saw an uplift in the overall performance.

Tomas Kral Online Performance Manager CZ/SK, Datart

Saving 15% of marketing budget

Cooperation with Roivenue is a huge step forward. We can see that hard work in weekly evaluation of marketing activities and data-driven decisions based on data we can trust is paying-off.

Martin Mates CMO & co-founder, Econea

We’ve gone from being reactive to proactive campaign management resulting in higher revenue with the same budget

After working in silos in our entire company lifetime we are now for the first time able to combine all the data, look at the entire picture and act.

Daniel Karlsson Country manager, Coolstuff

Doubling revenue thanks to ad impression attribution

Thanks to the impression level attribution, we found out that different ad placements had dramatically different ROAS down the road and were able to distribute our budget more effectively.

Matus Kristofik Knowledge Manager, Digiline

180% increase in ROI from affiliates

Attribution analysis from Roivenue provided us with insights that are critical for our long term mission of increasing ROI from our affiliate program.

Lukas Prikryl CMO, AXA Assistance

The leading attribution platform for ecommerce


5,000+ hours of programming, 100+ feedback sessions with clients, 2 years of work, billions of datapoints. We’re proudly introducing our best analytics, attribution and optimization software.


Our attribution model got a major upgrade and is now based on recurrent neural networks.

More granular

We’re adding daily, monthly and custom selection data ranges.


Data-driven attribution is now available for all dimensions including campaign, ad group and even custom-made ones.

Solutions for companies at all stages of analytics maturity

Whether you just started an online store or are selling all over the world, we make sure you have the right data to make the most out of your ad spend.

Data connectors

Get your data

Our connectors extract your marketing data from analytics as well as advertising platforms and export it into a spreadsheet or database.

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Data integration

Integrate & analyze your data

We bring all your advertising and analytics data into one place. Our dashboard gives you an instantaneous overview of performance as well as the ability to zoom in on any metric with a single click.

PRO Tip: Optimize for profit Set up a feed from your internal system to track marketing profit from channels, campaigns or ad groups.

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Data-driven attribution

Know the truth

The customer journey does not consist of just a single touchpoint.

Data-driven attribution enables you to understand the true contribution of each channel. It gives you the datapoints to allocate budgets for maximum performance.

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Budget Optimizer

Put your data in action

Our AI-based predictive model tells you how to reallocate your budget among channels for maximum performance.

Depending on your marketing goals, you can optimize advertising channels for profit or revenue.

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Fast implementation

Forget months long implementation processes, we get up and running within a week.

No commitments

Choose the plan that suits you best and only pay for what you use.

Actionable data

Our analytics suite is optimized to drive results for ecommerce and online marketers.

No more data silos
Turning loss into profit
Revenue +20%

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Enabling marketers to grow revenue and profit

180% ROI growth from affiliate channels, doubling campaign revenue, saving 15% of marketing budget while maintaining revenue.

Discover how data-driven marketers are making more money from campaigns.

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